Carrie Smith, Owner and Inventor of Pocklette™

Carrie Smith Pocklette Woodlane43

A friend once told me that she saw Pocklette as my passion project. Tricia was absolutely correct. Pocklette™ is not a get-rich kinda venture - it's just a great little product I invented for women who travel and adventure.

Pocklette was born out of the worry and paranoia of a teenage me. Way back in the amazing 90's, my sweet mom was headed to NYC. Rather than being excited for her, I was convinced her purse would be stolen in the "big, bad, huge, city" and her wonderful trip would be ruined. That day we developed the very first Pocklette™. In the following weeks she went on her trip and successfully hid a stash of money and credit cards under her clothes in her un-named travel pocket and I rested well knowing that if her purse happened to be stolen, her trip would not be ruined.

Fast forward to December 2018 when a friend, thanks Ron, suggested I apply for the CO.STARTERS program to explore bringing a different product to market. By March, plans had changed and Pocklette was coming to life. In less than 6 months, Pocklette™ went from a no-name travel pocket we made for family and friends to a real product with a name, logo, website, and swag - the whole shebang. It was exhilarating and completely terrifying, if I'm being totally honest.

In 2019, Pocklette™ sponsored the Women's Sportbike Rally, now known as REVVolution Rally, to launch the product in style. It's a great product for when you're out on your motorcycle, among other things. 

Now here we are - still trucking along with my little company and my passion project, Pocklette™. I keep the prices as low as possible, the quality up, and production is always in the United States (with the exception of the manufacture of the actual fabric - that's all done overseas). There's always bunch in stock, they're all made in Erie, PA by the cutest retired ladies (so bummed they wouldn't let me share their names or photos), and each and every one is packed up by yours truly.

It is a wild and crazy world out there. Do what makes you happy, don't be a jerk, and try to make the world a better place than it was when you got here! 



ps - Here's a funny website I brought to life in the last year or so: www.TwoMinuteBitch.com.

It's a place where folks can air and let go of their innermost thoughts and feelings and help lift that burden off their soul. There's no guarantee it will help, but it might just be worth a try. Don't worry, zero content is saved anywhere, ever. It's just a cathartic experience.