Privacy Policy

The privacy of your data is of paramount importance to us here at Woodlane43 LLC, proud inventors and makers of Pocklette™. We use providers like Shopify (ecommerce), Mailchimp and Klaviyo (marketing email), and Google (company email) to ensure your data is secure as possible. We promise to not sell or share your information, because we wouldn't want that done to us either.

The emails you will receive from us will primarily be about sales, deals, and your account. Occasionally, we may send an email about exciting things our business friends are doing because we are proud of them, but the emails will come from us, not them. Feel free to unsubscribe from these marketing-esque emails at any time, you won’t hurt our feelings. We respect your right to unsubscribe - it's your inbox after all! Unsubscribing to marketing emails means that you will still get transactional-type emails (about your account, orders, etc.).