A Few of Our Favorite Things!



Join Linda as she learns about the nuances about the culture and as she ventures out to get her license and to conquer two wheels! 

Imposter Women

These gals are great side hustlers and entrepreneurs sharing their business journeys, inspiration, knowledge, and they interviews other interesting people! 


A guilty pleasure. Jason Batemen, Will Arnett, and Sean Hayes interview all sorts of famous people and are just silly. 

Mike Rowe

Mike has an interesting perspective on life and a great way of expressing his opinions without belittling others.



Helmet Bows

Bows for your motorcycles and helmets (duh) haha! Cool business, all made in the USA.

CatsAreDicks.com (nsfw)

Silly and inappropriate shirts and other goodies like mugs and bags.


Gorgeous and unique jewelry all handmade here in the US.

Flagship City Press

Awesome Erie, PA related merchandise straight from the brains and laptops of two awesomely talented ladies.


Cool alternative to towing your motorcycle.

Twigs & Vines Shoppe

Fun jewelry and novelty items great for gifts!



Girl Moto Media

Neat blog about motorcycles.

Doodle on a Motorcycle

Full time motorcycle vlogger with great and honest experiences about an on her two wheel journey.

Her 2 Wheels

Full time motorcycle vlogger who even inspired her mom to start riding and vlogging!

Her Handlebars

Mel is a motorcycle gal who helps other manifest their best lives on and off the bike.

April Wilkerson

Savvy builder and solver always coming up with new projects and is eager to share how she did it all.


Best motorcycling videos for anyone thinking about riding or who needs a good laugh, tips, and inspiration. Ryan is a riot.

Useless Farm

Utterly ridiculous and totally fun! 


Places & Experiences

Purrista Cat Cafe

Unique cafe in Erite, PA where you can order coffee, sweets, and enjoy the Wi-Fi. The other side of the cafe, through two set of double glass doors, are shelter cats available for adoption and ready to hang out with you while you sip and snack.


Excellent organization who puts on local classes for those ready to take their business idea to the next level (or to test the waters to see if it’ll even work). 

Women's Motorcycle Tours

It’s exactly what it sounds like and then some. Get out there and ride ladies - and read some of her cool books in the meantime!

Iron Pony Motorsports

Motorcycle Vegas, but in Ohio. This plays has no windows or clocks, is huge and full of motorcycles, parts, gear, and accessories. It’s amazing.

No Dirt Farms

Hydroponic farm in Erie, Pa who’s changing the city’s perspective on sustainability and food. Cool business.

Thrive Therapy Space

This is a shared workspace for therapists in Erie, Pa. Fantastic business helping lots of therapists who don’t want to run their own office, but still want to practice, and the support of a community of professionals to commiserate with - brilliant.