Poignant Pocklette™ Pause

Paused Pocklette

You may have noticed that Pocklette™ has been rather quiet lately. As a human first and an entrepreneur second, I have been struggling with the right way to proceed with Pocklette™ during this worldwide pandemic. Struggling with moving forward when so many other small businesses are closing. Struggling with selling a product for travel when we’re being encouraged to stay close to home, or at home.

Other than running a few online promotions and participating in a fun, local, social distancing shopping event, Pocklette™ has been on pause since the pandemic began.

Like many of you, I’ve found myself doing a great deal of soul searching this year. That guided me towards a new Pocklette™ prototype and gave me the time to do quite a bit of testing. As the world began to slowly open, my little prototype was taken on countless motorcycle rides, it has gone ziplining, and even survived being absolutely soaked for several hours while whitewater rafting. Pro tip: If you put your cash, cards, or keys in a small reusable plastic sandwich bag then put it in your Pocklette™ everything will stay totally dry - as long as the bag stays sealed shut.

As things hopefully begin to get better, I’m left with strong feelings of gratitude for my health, family, friends, customers, and supporters. Beyond that, I also feel overwhelmingly fortunate that I have been able to pause business while the world is dealing with and healing from this pandemic. The online store remains open, so you’re welcome to purchase a Pocklette™ (or a bunch of them haha) at any time - we’re just a little quiet on the advertising and social media fronts right now.

Thank you all for your support and love. 


Carrie Smith
Inventor of Pocklette™

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