Pocklette™: The Origin Story

Pocklette in Butter (Yellow)As a teenager I worried about pretty much everything (an embarrassing yet very true fact). When my sweet mother told me she was going on a trip to NYC, I was not jealous of her opportunity, I was convinced her purse would be stolen in the big, bad, huge, city and her wonderful trip would be ruined. Together she and I developed the very first Pocklette™, way back in those amazing 1990’s, so she could hide a stash of money and credit cards. That way if her purse happened to be stolen, her trip would not be ruined.

The simple design has remained virtually the same over the years because it works. Each Pocklette™ is made of durable yet soft fabric and is designed to loop around the horizontal or vertical straps of a woman’s bra to hide credit cards, insurance cards, important papers, money and even a passport.

My mother and I have been wearing them on trips and making them for family and friends ever since those glorious 1990’s when perms were the rage and hyper-color t-shirts flooded the high schools. My Pocklette™ has been to 8 countries (so far) and logged more hours on a motorcycle than I can count. It is an essential part of my motorcycle-gear ensemble as it gives me great peace of mind to know that if something happens and I’m separated from my bag, my personal information is tucked safely inside a Pocklette™ under all of my gear and clothing.

I have worn mine in cars, sketchy taxis, buses, subways, bikes, airplanes, sketchy boats, and luxury cruise ships. They’re great for when you want to hide some stuff or when you want to pack light. A number of these are currently being used by runners and cyclists to whom aerodynamics and weight are important.

In an era when manufacturers are moving production overseas to remain competitive, Woodlane43 LLC is making a conscious choice to go against the norm and produce the Pocklette™ in the United States. More specifically, right here in Erie, PA. It is very important to me that this product make a positive impact on Erie and the United States.

Thank you for visiting, and I hope you enjoy your Pocklette™!

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