Pocklette™ is on YouTube!

Some kind ladies reached out and asked for a video about Pocklette™ and the best ways to wear it. After about 6,000 takes and a lot of lighting and audio checks, and two very confused dogs, here it is - happy viewing!


In a nutshell, Pocklette™ is a small pocket worn under your clothing and looped around your bra strap to conceal cash, cards, or even your passport. It's great for keeping important items hidden when you're traveling, motorcycling, running, cycling, or even commuting.

Feel free to reach out to hello@pocklette.com with any question you might have about this video or our products.



ps - I think the only thing worse than hearing your own voice on a recording is seeing yourself on video! I swear I'll never get used to it. Gets even weirder when you have to edit the video of yourself. Maybe if I do a few more, it'll get easier ;)


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