How to Wear Your Pocklette™

The Pocklette™ was originally developed to be worn looped around the horizontal bra strap under either the left or right arm. Several women have reported back that it’s very comfortable to wear their Pocklette™ toward the back. Others claim it’s even better worn on the vertical straps. Fill your Pocklette™ and try wearing it in a few different places and under your favorite clothing. You may want to wear this nimble pocket in different spots depending on your activity. 



When heading on a travel adventure I’ve found the ideal spot to wear my Pocklette™ is looped around the horizontal strap of my bra. This is not the spot to put it if you anticipate needing quick accessibility of the items stashed inside. I use it to keep extra cash, cards, ID, phone numbers, etc. in the event my bag happens to be stolen or I get into a bind.

The Pocklette™ has secretly been all over the world. Mine alone has gone with me to 8 different countries. A few even traveled to the Rio Olympics. Someone close to me (hi!) volunteered at the games and actually wore a Pocklette™ under each arm for much of the trip. Rio is notorious for pickpockets so she kept her cards, cash, and passport safely tucked away while she was volunteering and exploring.

Note: If you intend to wear a Pocklette™ while flying, we recommend waiting to put it on until after you've successfully passed through airport security. If you have it on, with items inside of it, you may be pulled aside and searched by a TSA agent (same thing happens if you forget to take your ID or credit cards out of your pants pocket).


My personal Pocklette™ has logged many hundreds of miles on the open road. I wear it virtually every time my sweetie and I go on a motorcycle ride. We always wear boots, helmets, and armored jackets (ATTGATT), but the Pocklette™ gives me additional piece of mind. In the event something goes wrong, I know that my insurance card, extra cash, and personal information are on my body under my jacket. If I’m not in the mood to carry a purse or bag, I’ll loop my Pocklette™ on my belt, then flip it over and tuck it inside my jeans. That way I can easily access my cash and cards when we’re stopped. 


Running & Cycling

First of all, if you’re doing either of these things, bravo - you are a superstar! Runners and cyclists are typically interested in carrying minimal items and maintaining aerodynamics. Wearing a Pocklette™ allows them to hide a small amount of stuff under their shirt as aerodynamically as possible - perfect! 


Wearing a Pocklette™ is a great way to keep small things of importance hidden while you navigate congested walking areas, take public transportation, or use a ride service. 


Whether you’re exercising, adventuring, or traveling, Pocklette™ is a great little companion to stash away you cash, cards, or small valuables.

Wishing you safe and happy adventures!

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