Comparing Pocklette™ to A Few Competitors

There are many discreet travel bag options out there for the discerning adventurer. Each is marketed to be worn under your clothes to hide your personal items while you travel.

Take a look at the photo of all 4 travel bags on the mannequin (all of these bags are completely empty). I was struck by the size of the waist and hanging bags - they are pretty big. It’s nice that you can pack them full of lots of stuff, but that only makes them more difficult to hide under your clothing, defeating their core purpose.

The smaller one clipped to the front of the bra was promising. I liked that it was small but I didn’t care for the hard plastic carabiner which made it uncomfortable tough to hide. The Pocklette™ is bigger than this bag, but thinner and easier to hide. It too, would be tough to hide under your clothing if you pack it full of really big things.

All 4 of these bags are designed to be worn under your clothing thus in contact, or in close contact, to your body. The only one you can wash and dry is the Pocklette™. The other 3 manufacturers suggest you just wipe down to keep them clean. Sorry, that’s not good enough for me.

Pocklette™ is the lightest, thinnest, and only washable and dryable one in this bunch. Sure it's not big enough to hold a Stephen King novel, but that's not the point. You wanna hide small stuff like cash and cards when you're on the go? Pocklette™ has you covered.

Wishing you safe and happy adventures!

The coins on the left of the photo are quarters. The mannequin above is wearing a size 34B bra and wears a size small/medium women’s t-shirt.
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